Philly's own Chris G dropped his second entry in the Success Over Losses Series: Take Pride. A follow up to “The Ratio. “Take Pride’s” soundscape is very much related to it's predecessors but there are some distinctions. Sonically, Take Pride picks up where “The Ratio” left off with its moody psalms of success while building up towards a more triumphant and endearing final / title track: Take Pride.


Take Pride opens up with “GOD BLESS / G.R.I.N.D.” a crunchy rock-riff banger forwarded by the poetic genius of Adam P Features. (@p_features) Chris G closes the intro and we are then off to the races with his case stated and a new age of hustler established. Up next is the moody but boastful “FORTUNATE / POSE II”. This track features a triathlon of bosses(@thisisgp, @daworkhorse_ and @iamdonlegacy). Each artist brings there own unique energy to the track pushing the concept further as the song progresses. It is a text book example of what a collaboration should be. Next in the track list, is “TIMING / THE FADERS”. This track blends melody, emotion, and message in a way that most mainstream artist could only hope. It is a testimony to Chris G’s creative range which borders on the line of infinite. Next up, CATCH ME / ON GO. A feel good Hip Hop anthem featuring @campboybreed. The song explores the theme of the MCs insatiable ambition. As the title implies “THE POTION / SLOW DOWN” is a work of pure alchemy. I listened to this track sober and loved it. I intend to knock back a couple and vibe out to it again. The dazzling world play mixed with the melodic undertones produce an otherworldly experience for the listener to vibe out to. LEGACY / THE LEFTOVERS. Back to the barz. Chris G pays homage to the essence of Hip Hop all while dropping gems of forethought and the legacy he intends to leave. “It aint about the money or shine… Its more about what you leaving behind… LEGACY”. “TAKE PRIDE” We are seldom afforded the chance to vibe out to something honest endearing and prideful, TAKE PRIDE is the answer to every hardship one wishes to overcome. Its an anthem of endearment and the perfect title / final track.