I have mixed feelings about Apples 2016 Mac Book Pro. Despite record sales and the innovative new touch bar, I think that the New Mac Book Pro took 1 step forward and then 4 leaps out of relevancy. They got rid of the USB and SD card ports and it has me feeling some type of way. I want it... I am more than willing to shell out the $1800.00 + for the 2016 Mac Book Pro. I just have some grievances that I'd like to vent out before doing so.

The New Design.

Apple's design aesthetic is top notch. They basically took the super thin, super stylish Mac Book from last year and brought the overall design to the next level. I was in full support of them getting rid of USB ports in exchange for the faster and more versatile USB-C, but not for the Pro... A Mac Book Pro is supposed to be a high-end workhorse first, stylish laptop second. It seems like all apple is concerned with is making their computers thinner and here is the reality... No one cares anymore.

It's one thing for a company to be on the bleeding edge of tech but it's another thing when you sprint so far ahead that your customer-base feels left behind...

I was astounded when I first saw the commercial where they slid the Mac Book Air into an envelope. Prior to the Mac Book Air, most computers were using mechanical hard drives rather than solid-state drives. It was a huge milestone in design and engineering for Apple to create something so strong and so thin. Fast forward to today, They are trying to wow us with the same trick and most pro users DON'T CARE. Pro users use audio Interfaces, Key Boards, Speaker Systems, and Drawing Pads. Look don't get me wrong. The new Mac Book is super cool, I want it, and I will probably buy it but when I talk to other Current Generation Pro users, they never say... "man this is great but I wish it were thinner". That is the last thing that a pro user would ask for... It's unnecessary and while the dongles are available for purchase, they are cumbersome. I get that there are better mediums of data transfer than USB but the vast majority of 3rd party manufacturers are using USB and will continue to use USB for a while. USB isn't great but it's not bad. From music to photography, to graphic design, the creative industries are creating tools utilizing the "Universal Serial Bus" These devices aren't cheap either. My Apogee One Audio USB Interface cost me $300. I shouldn't have to buy a "dongle" for a pro level device. I think that USB will eventually go away but we aren't there yet. I think apple doing away with USB was just as premature as the Apple Maps for IOSWith that said... Time for me to get out my $1800.00 and Ball-Out on the New Mac Book Pro.