Alive - Don Michael Jr.

The Overview

Brimming with emotion over amazing production, There is an extremely moody vibe to this track. The dramatic organs mixed with the throbbing baseline add a menacing air that further emphasizes Don Michael Jr’s message; “Isn’t It Amazing That I’m Still Alive”.  There is a shit ton of stuff happening here. This isn't the type of song you’ll be able to digest with one listen. That said, if you were born with ears you’ll totally begin to enjoy all that “Alive” has to offer right at the 00:01 mark and throughout. The format of this joint has a more contemporary finish to it. 

Intro > Hook > Verse 1 > Hook > Verse 2 > Hook > Break Down.

We here at Resistance Ink love when artist respect tradition but put a unique touch on it. Oh, and did we forget to mention? This guy is articulate as PHUUHHK! No mumble rap here. For more on Don Micheal Jr, Keep this tab open and press refresh. Brought to you by the good folks over at Resistance Ink.


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