The Artist

So a little bit about Tone Gold, he kicks flavor at random. Two hours after meeting his future wife, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Visions of the Mulsanne keep him up at night. Reading 48 Laws of Power changed his life. The first album he ever bought was Missy Elliott Supa Dupa Fly. Rusell Simmons once complimented his style. Seth Godin books are the sh*t! Confidence is not for sale, if your style lacks flavor STUDY HIS WHOLE F**KING catalog.  Originally from Cleveland Ohio, he moved out to LA to establish himself as an artist and entrepreneur. Blessed and Highly Flavored is his second major release. Tone Gold does many things, but he never disappoints. Let's get to the project.   

Project Overview

 Blessed and Highly Flavored. The project opens up with a theatrical vibe. Chants and praises bouncing from left and right while bringing you closer and closer to the inevitable "Sensory Overload" that is Track 2. This song sets the mood of the album on so many levels. Blessed and Highly Flavored has some moody elements to it but it is by no means a slouch. This is rider music. The soundtrack of your journey both literally and metaphorically. It seems as though Tone Gold has come to terms with himself as a man and knows what's important to him. Flooded with themes of self- acceptance, growth, companionship, struggle, risk and credit worthiness ( no bullshit that last one shows up a few times) the project is extremely compelling. The last track poetically echoes the importance of the small victories that we experience on the daily but tend to overlook. It's an interesting medley. In closing, While I could say that Tone Gold is a glass half full kind of guy, I'd also have to add that the glass is half full with Courvoisier at room temperature. Grown man shit. 

Editors Pics:

Sensory Overload | Level Up| Sunday Chill | La Confidentia